The holidays are a time that many enjoy, and while some appreciate spending time with family while staying warm by a toasty fire, others prefer to enjoy the holiday season in the tropics. If you prefer the latter, here’s a little insight into what the Christmas holidays are like in Barbados.

Christmas is about gathering with loved ones to enjoy the holiday in this tropical gem. House parties and outdoor events are conducted in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas, and family, friends, and neighbours are invited. However, the actual Christmas day is typically spent with close relatives.

Many Barbadians attend church on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass or on Christmas morning. However, traditions like Christmas in Queen’s Park are still upheld today. Since it was downscaled because of the Covid-19 pandemic in previous years, many families refused to miss this year’s celebration.

As a result, Barbadians dressed to the nines and headed to Queen’s Park in the nation’s capital, Bridgetown. Generally, they enjoy meeting up with friends and loved ones at the event while taking in the styles on display here. It’s a spectacle to witness.

Many events happen in December before Christmas, including the three-day Run Barbados festival. In 2022, the race was hosted on the island’s East Coast. Carols by Candlelight is another event held this season at Illaro Court, the Prime Minister’s official residence. The Rotary Club of Barbados consistently sponsors this annual event.

This year, there were also several new Christmas Shopping Pop-Ups like the Limegrove Craft Fair, SheMarkets Fair or Azul Craft Show, where handcrafted presents were on sale – from art to jewellery and soaps – along with fresh beverages and treats from local vendors.

Of course, the Holiday Season is not complete without the festive lights. Numerous roundabouts, homes, and commercial establishments are festively lit at night and decked out for Christmas.

Bridgetown is no exception; many buildings were decorated with red and green lights, and Independence Square is currently home to 121 Christmas trees. The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) Barbados Branch organises Christmas in the Square, and primary and secondary school students decorate the trees. In addition, many people love to take a “Christmas drive” at this time of year to check out the city’s lights.

Let’s not forget about the ringing in of the New Year! Every year, friends and families gather on the South or West Coast to enjoy a fantastic firework display. In addition, some groups gather on beaches, such as Hilton or Sandy Lane Beach, and celebrate with alcoholic beverages and food. 

Others reserve dinners at fine restaurants, such as Tides and Azure, and welcome the new year with a classy elegance. Many parties are held on New Year’s day for those who prefer a more energised celebration.

The Holiday Season is a joy in Barbados and a great time to experience new traditions and the island’s festive culture.

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