If you are UK-based and looking to purchase a property in Barbados with a mortgage, the Residence Barbados team has joined forces with Shoparound Finance Ltd. to help you. We chatted with managing director Gary Hall to find out what services they offer.

As an independent mortgage broker, Shoparound Finance can help you buy your dream home in the sun. We have advisers across the UK and in Barbados. Our team will visit you in your own home, or if you prefer to interact with us in any other way, that’s fine too.

We have access to all the lenders in the UK, and the FCA fully covers you for every transaction.

As people know, it can be challenging to secure a mortgage abroad; the hurdles you need to jump can be daunting. This is where Shoparound can help.

Many of our clients raise money from their own homes in the UK to purchase with cash or increase their deposits.

Rates are at a record low level, and as I write this article, I can arrange a remortgage for you fixed for two years at 0.95% with no fee. Our team also make sure you are always at a great rate. We contact our clients regularly, so there is no need to Shoparound again.

Lenders are lending freely again, and it’s a great time to have a chat with one of our team. We don’t charge a fee as we get paid through the lender, so our advice is always impartial and free.

Shoparound Finance Beach View Villas

An example of how Shoparound can help

Below is an example of how we helped clients take money out of their property to buy their forever home on the island.

Mr & Mrs Wiles, both in their 50s, needed £300,000 to purchase a property on the South Coast.




TOTAL LEND – £425,000

MORTGAGE @1.54% (2-YEAR FIXED) OVER 25 YEARS £1,707.73 (NO FEE)

Our advisers are also Equity Release qualified, so if you are approaching retirement and want those long winters to be a little sunnier, we can help you with our whole of market proposition.

Do you have a buy-to-let mortgage back in the UK? Well, the great news is that these rates have reduced significantly over the past year. So if you haven’t reviewed it recently you need to speak to us soon, again there will be no charge for this service, and you could save thousands of pounds.

Shoparound Finance has been established since 2006 and currently looks after the mortgage, insurance, investment and pension needs of thousands of people in the UK and Barbados.

For further information about buying property in Barbados and finance options, chat with a member of the Residence Barbados team on BIM +1 246 230 4982 or UK +44 0208 123 9273. You can also email us at contact@residencebarbados.com.

Alternatively, contact Gary Hall  directly on Tel: 01709 365366 Fax: 01709 365633 E-mail: g.hall@shoparound-finance.co.uk


Top Image: Royal Palm Villa, Royal Westmoreland

Lower Image: Ylang Ylang Villas at Beach View Villas & Suites