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Property Details

Cove Springs is a 10-bedroom tropical haven and one of Barbados’ most sought-after coastal properties. Nestled away on a coral cliff, Cove Spring boasts large suites, a cutting-edge fitness centre, a media room, and several indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces.

There is plenty of room for friends and family to unwind and discover their own beach-side paradise in this vast, one-of-a-kind Caribbean getaway. There is a separate three-bedroom guesthouse, as well as huge patios, a resort-style pool area, and private beach access.

Coral stone, a hallmark of Caribbean aristocracy, was used in the design of the Cove Spring mansion. The home’s Palladian/Georgian open design masterfully catches the island’s natural beauty, makes the most of natural light, and allows the trade winds to cool the building.

Cove Spring House overlooks the magnificent Caribbean Sea from its coral cliff location. A secluded beach with access from the Cove Spring home hugs the cliff’s base. The property’s whole perimeter is bordered by lush vegetation, providing utter seclusion and pristine beauty.

The mansion’s castle-like architecture is complemented by opulent furnishings and interior decor, providing a unique environment that serves as the centrepiece of the experience. Sophisticated luxury, meticulous staff and service, mouth-watering cuisine, exclusive privacy, and supreme relaxation.

What we like about Cove Spring House

  • Lush landscaped tropical gardens
  • Breathtaking sea views
  • Superb accommodation with sophisticated furnishings


  • Luxurious 10-Bedroom Estate
  • 10 Bathrooms
  • Sophisticated Interior Designs
  • Breathtaking Panoramic Sea Views
  • Large Swimming Pool with waterfall and Jacuzzi
  • Property Size: 16,342 ft..
  • Land Area: 56,628 ft.
  • Access to Secret Beach
  • Fitness Centre
  • Magnificent Private Cinema
  • Exquisitely Furnished
  • Teppanyaki Barbeque Grill
  • 3 Bedroom Guest Cottage
  • High Ceilings
  • Castle-like Architecture with Sophisticated Interiors
  • Freehold

Price: USD$40,000,000

Size: 16,342 ft2

Bedrooms: 10

Bathrooms: 8

Michael Ashton

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