Why do customers choose to work with Residence Barbados as their real estate agent when they want to buy a property in Barbados?

The team at Residence Barbados holds a niche position in the property marketplace. We deliver a one-stop bespoke service by working with the island’s experienced property developers and leading realtors in Barbados. These trusted relationships take all the hard work out of the property search at no cost to our clients.

Of course, you expect your chosen realtor to have local knowledge, but they must also have broader relationships with extended partners. For example, at some point during and after the purchase process, a buyer will need a lawyer, a management company, a rental agent or a tax and trustee advisor. We have spent time ensuring all of these services are accessible through the team at Residence Barbados.

How does the team provide such a comprehensive service to clients at no extra charge? To answer this question, we have shared some tips to help buyers understand how Residence Barbados and real estate work on the island.

Tip One


Real estate agents

Suppose you are looking to buy real estate in a resort community like Apes Hill, Royal Westmoreland, or The Crane Private Residences.

It’s not widely known but choosing to work with the team at Residence Barbados is the same as going directly to the resort – but with the added benefit of independence. The Residence Barbados team works hand in hand with the resort agent but has the autonomy and freedom to advise you on all three communities.

If you choose to purchase within one of the resort communities, the legal documentation, the transfer of funds and agreed purchase terms are all completed through the resort’s team.

Importantly, it is the developer who pays Residence Barbados a sales commission for their involvement in the sales process and NOT the purchaser.

Tip Two


Real estate agents

Are you looking to buy a stand-alone property or land to build your dream home outside a resort community?

Barbados is a small island, and many real estate agents in Barbados choose to work together to promote their properties. The Residence Barbados team has developed trusted relationships with many recognized realtors, providing choice and access to an extensive portfolio of land and properties in Barbados.

Clients provide Residence Barbados with a brief of what they are looking for, and the team will do the rest. If we can’t meet these requirements today, we will continue searching until something matches the brief.

If clients see something online, they send the link to their Residence Barbados agent, who will do the leg work to find all the relevant information and arrange onsite or remote viewings.

Again, suppose you choose to buy a property sourced through our realtor relationship. In that case, the realtor pays Residence Barbados a commission for their involvement in the sales process and NOT the purchaser.

Clients choose Residence Barbados for their independence, trusted relationships, and property knowledge to find or build their dream home in Barbados.

Tip Three


Real estate agents

The island is blessed with excellent, professional real estate agents who help clients and their referrals buy properties in Barbados. If you are looking to purchase, it’s probably more important to find the agent you trust and want to work with before researching the properties.

Resist the temptation to go online and click to receive information about specific properties, as this will confuse you going forward.

Each listed property is assigned to an agent, and that agent will believe they are working with you. So, for example, click on four properties on four websites, and you now have four agents, all thinking they are working with you.

Choose your agent first, then choose your properties. Then, if you see anything you like, send the link to your agent, and they will do the leg work for you, and it costs you nothing.

if you’d like to work with the team at Residence Barbados to find your dream property in Barbados,

How to choose YOUR real estate agent?

Buying a property in Barbados is probably one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. Use the tried and tested method of reviews and referrals. Do your research; this will pay dividends when you are in the sales process.

Local knowledge is a must. Relationships are beneficial but most importantly, choose a realtor you can work with, telephone when you have questions and who is looking for the best property at the best price. The relationship usually turns into friendship and will continue to be a source of help and advice during your future vacations on the island.

Remember, people usually buy people before they buy the product.

If you would like Residence Barbados to act as your real estate agent in Barbados, then contact us today or telephone us on BIM +1 246 230 4982 | UK +44 0208 123 9273 | US/CAN + 1 239 444 8176 | WhatsApp | Facebook Messenger.

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