Fractional Ownership

With fractional ownership, enjoy stylish and contemporary properties in the best golf and resort communities on Barbados’ West and East Coasts.

Fractional ownership is a straightforward approach to using a vacation home for the time you want while splitting the expenditures with others. For more than 20 years, fractional owners have taken annual vacations in Barbados using the time they have purchased in the property of their choice.

Today, several resort communities provide members with the chance to experience island life and enjoy annual vacations. Leading the way are The Crane Resort, Royal Westmoreland, and Beach Houses by The Crane, which offer a range of solutions for every price range.

Beach Houses by The Crane

Beach Houses by The Crane

Price: From USD $37,100 per week

Choose which of the resort’s two and three-bedroom villas you would like to make your own and enjoy this private location every year, in perpetuity. Beach Houses is considered one of the most exclusive resorts in Barbados and is hidden away on the island’s East Coast. It is the perfect location to really get away from it all.

Crane Resort

The Crane Resort

Price: From USD $8,600 per week

Make the world-famous Crane Resort your home every year and choose which of the resort’s one, two and three-bedroom suites, many with private pools and roof top terraces, is best for you. The Crane Resort is an excluisve gated community on the island’s south coast and offers a wide range of amenities and access to the renowned Crane Beach.

Golf Cottages Fractional Ownership at Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland

Price: From GBP £9,000 per week

If you want to return to Barbados every year, fractional ownership at Royal Westmoreland is a great opportunity. Simply choose the type of accommodation, the time of year you want to travel and how long you want to stay. And return to your exclusive island home every year with all costs shared among your fellow owners.

Fractional Ownership Resales

Let us introduce you to some of the best fractional ownership weeks for sale at popular resort communities and properties across Barbados. To ensure peace of mind, the team has verified each week of ownership.



Week No.

Week No.

Price Range

Price Range

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