If you’re thinking about moving to Barbados, you’re in for an exciting new chapter in paradise. The Caribbean island is full of culture, natural beauty, and the friendliest of friendly people – and there is no better example than the island’s quieter side – the East Coast. This lightly populated region offers magnificent vistas, eco-tourism opportunities, unspoiled beaches, and a certain island zen.

For die-hard surfers or anyone who wants to embrace a slow-paced life, the East Coast of Barbados could just be the perfect place to consider as your next home.

For the uninitiated, there are 3 parishes along the East Coast of Barbados, with the largest one being St. Andrew, followed to the south by St. Joseph, and south of that further still – St. John. That said, St. Lucy, and St. Peter, as well as St. Philip do technically share in some of the Eastern shoreline, but they are seen as more northern and southern, respectively. 

East Coast of Barbados Scotland district

The Scotland District by Kaspar C on Flikr using Creative Commons Licence 2.0

In this article, we’ll take a look at each of these parishes and try to help you understand which one might be best for you to hang your hat, your towel…and your hiking boots?

St. Andrew

St. Andrew is the most northern of the 3 East Coast parishes and is known for its green, rolling hills and stunning scenery. It has the country’s highest natural elevation, at 336 m (1,102 ft). Perhaps unsurprisingly, especially to anyone with a background in Scottish History or professional golf, St. Andrew is referred to as the Scotland District. It’s a colonial reference to the rolling, and at times craggy, hills that evoked its namesake.

Morgan Lewis Windmill East Coast of Barbados

Photo by Oakey Originals on Flikr using Creative Commons Licence 2.0

St. Andrew is also home to the historic sites of the Morgan Lewis Windmill – a sugar mill in perfect order, the nearby Grind Artisan Cafe, and the Springvale Museum. St.Andrew is a great place to live for those who enjoy being outdoors, hiking and exploring nature.

St. Joseph

While it’s the topography that makes St. Andrew famous, it’s the beaches and surf that best define St. Joseph. The parish is home to the park area and surfing mecca of Bathsheba – and the “Soup Bowl”, a perfect right-handed reef break that hosts a variety of international surfing competitions every single year.

The Soup Bowl East Coast of Barbados

The Soup Bowl by Jen Porter on Unsplash

Tent Bay is a quaint fishing village in St. Joseph and one that time has seemingly forgotten. Its colourful fishing boats and fresh fish market bring locals and tourists on the lookout for something different. Tent Bay also boasts the charming 100+-year-old Atlantis Hotel – a great lunch venue.

Tent Bay East Coast of Barbados

Tent Bay by Veronidae on Wikimedia

More than just beaches and sand, St. Joseph is lush, teeming with life, and home to 3 of the more notable botanical gardens in the country – Flower Forest, Andromeda Botanical Gardens, and Huntes Gardens.

St. John

Approximately 25 mins (12kms) from the International airport, St. John is the most southern and accessible of 3 truly east coast parishes. It is home to beautiful bays, small fishing villages, popular picnic spots and historic sites and destinations. There are few places more photographed in the East than St. John’s Codrington College. Built in 1793, it is the oldest Anglican theological college in all of North America.

Coddrington College East Coast of Barbados

Codrington College by Tom Jur on Unsplash

Another place named after its British counterpart is the small beach community of Bath. Don’t let all of the East Coast’s rugged coastline fool you. Bath is one of the calmest places to swim in all of Barbados, and it’s a terrific place for a picnic lunch.

An overall perspective on the East Coast

The East Coast of Barbados is for those seeking a slower pace of life. It’s a destination of quiet reflection for those wanting a closer connection to nature, stunning sunrises and hikes that reward you with incredible 360-degree views. The populations in the eastern parishes are small, but their communities are steeped in history and rich in local spirit.

3 Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can you swim on the East Coast of Barbados?

There are a few great places to swim on the East Coast of Barbados, with Bath being the most popular due to its reef-sheltered beach.

2. Where is the best place to surf on the East Coast of Barbados?

Bathsheba is known internationally as the best place to surf in Barbados. Its consistent right-hand waves have made it a popular destination for many international events. It is approximately 30 minutes northeast of the Grantley Adams International airport.

3. Which East Coast Barbados parish has the largest population? 

At approximately 10,000 residents, St.John is the most populous of East Coast Barbados parishes. Followed by St. Joseph at 7,000 residents and St. Andrew at 5,000 residents.

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