If you are seeking a tranquil and enjoyable dining experience in the lively South Coast of Barbados, you would definitely want to try Primo Bar and Bistro. Located by the entrance of the famed St. Lawrence Gap and overlooking the picturesque St. Lawrence Bay, this restaurant offers an ideal fine dining experience.

Primo Barbados

About Primo Bar and Bistro

Primo was very popular among tourists in its former years of operation before its unfortunate closure in early 2020. Due to its popularity, the restaurant was shortly reopened by its new owners, Mark Maloney and Zary Evelyn, in July 2020 and has grown to become one of the island’s most-demanded seafood restaurants.

As you enter, be prepared to be welcomed by a relaxing atmosphere and ambience. The intimate lighting and scenic ocean views make the dining experience worthwhile. This experience is not for couples and fine diners alone. Casual diners are also invited to choose from the selection of appetizers and grab a cocktail or two at the restaurant’s boardwalk bar. Patrons can end their visit with a relaxing walk on the boardwalk.

Primo Barbados

The Menu

From the starters to their mains, unique pizza options and desserts, Primo Bar and Bistro offers a range of delectable international cuisines with a touch of West Indian flavour. Diners can enjoy various seafood or meat delicacies at a reasonable price. While those with a sweet tooth can choose from a wide selection of desserts. Visit their website or Facebook page to see Primo’s full menu.

Primo Barbados

Bonus Tip

Primo Bar and Bistro offers a great dining experience that visitors and residents should indulge at least once. A relaxing stroll through the gap after dinner would be an excellent close to a delightful evening.

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