When we think of Barbados, specific words come to mind: beaches, relaxation… a tranquil paradise. Did you know that the island also has a very active nightlife? With World Bartenders Day approaching, we thought it best to share some popular bars in Barbados to grab a speciality cocktail, enjoy the nightlife, mingle and unwind.

The Drift Lounge Bar in Barbados

The Drift Lounge

Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge

On the platinum coast of Barbados, Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge is a popular and sophisticated bar overlooking the sea. There is an impressive bar menu and cocktail offering, an elegant coastal aesthetic and, of course, several seating options to unwind and mingle with new friends.

La Cabane Bars in Barbados

La Cabane

La Cabane

If you’re looking for a more tropical and relaxing experience, this beach bar is definitely one to try. Located on the south and west coasts of Barbados, La Cabane is known for its boho-chic design and music and direct access to the beach. The bar also offers a range of unique and fun cocktails, which includes a signature rum mixture in a coconut.

Chef Michael Hinds

Chef Michael Hinds X West Bar

Chef Michael Hinds x West Bar

A newer bar on the West Coast, West Bar has been taking the island flair with a hint of luxe to another level. They offer a fusion of gourmet dining by Chef Michael Hinds and a lively nighttime experience with a wide selection of delectable cocktails and wines.

Jamestown Bar

Jamestown Bar

Jamestown Bar

No visit to Barbados is complete without visiting this sports bar and restaurant located in the heart of Holetown – 2nd Street. A well-known bar to locals and visitors alike, this bar offers a more casual experience with dancing, drink specials, and so much more.

Mojo Barbados

Mojo Bar and Chopping Board Kitchen

The Mojo Bar and Chopping Board Kitchen

Commonly known as “Mojo’s” to many locals, the Mojo Bar and Chopping Board Kitchen is a great place to spend the evening with friends. A popular South Coast attraction, the menu includes classic pub eats, a few Bajan additions and, of course, some fantastic cocktails from the bar. Another great casual spot for anyone.

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